Dr. Fern Kazlow

Shattering Limitations

Changing What's Possible in the Way We Live, Work, and Age

Dr. Fern Kazlow

For information on any of the services listed below please call (914) 315-9288 or email Dr. Kazlow.

Private Consulting

Private consultation is available to a limited number of individuals.  A consultation package can be customized to your needs to work on:

  • Defining and executing your vision
  • Establishing and integrating your branding into your business
  • Integrating that branding with the marketplace
  • Identifying and disarming landmines in your business, branding, and marketplace implementation
  • Re-identifying and re-creating your business to ensure it’s innovative and relevant in today’s world

In addition, packages can include entrance to workshops, teleseminars, and direct email access to Dr. Kazlow.


Dr. Kazlow is available as a speaker for your upcoming event.  Key topics include:

Shattering Financial Limitations:

  • 5 Secret Power Principles That Will Change Your Business & Your Life
  • Making Wealth a Whole Life Experience:  Aligning Yourself for Riches in Every Area of Your Life
  • Cracking The Code To A Wildly Successful Life
  • Power Recaptured:  How Women Can Shatter The Glass Ceiling and Their Financial Limitations

How to Thrive in the Changing Economy:

  • 7 Must-Do Steps to Break Free of Financial Stress Syndrome
  • Go Ahead – Panic!  Why Crazed Emotions Are Actually Good for You in the Current Economy
  • Are You Making Your Kids Crazy?  How You May Be Passing Your Financial Stress onto Your Children
  • The Sexist Economy:  Why Women Get Hit Harder in an Economic Downturn and What They Can Do About It

Organizational Consulting & Customized Programs

Keep your business innovative, cutting edge, and relevant – no matter what the economy is.  Dr. Kazlow’s methods create a paradigm shift in your approach to business, branding, and the marketplace; a shift that leads to significant business results.

Whether your concern is:

  • Maximizing your staff’s potential
  • Defining and executing your vision
  • Laying the groundwork and embarking on a new project or business expansion
  • Clarifying and integrating your branding into your office space, staff, products and aligning it with the marketplace

Dr. Kazlow is able to customize a one-time consultation to a full-sized customized program for you and your staff.

For information on any of the services above, call (914) 315-9288 or email Dr. Kazlow.

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