Dr. Fern Kazlow

Shattering Limitations

Changing What's Possible in the Way We Live, Work, and Age

Dr. Fern Kazlow

Here's What People Are Saying…

What Dr. Kazlow teaches is beyond the concepts of positive thinking and reprogramming yourself.

Dr. Kazlow has guided me to “take the brakes off” of my own thinking. Projects are no longer overwhelming. I am not unconsciously blocking myself from the life that I am working to put in place. I have read almost everything available about executive success, I have taken expensive courses and studied with some of the best minds on the planet. The first session with Dr. Kazlow opened up avenues in thinking that led to more fulfilling personal and business relationships.

I can only explain it one way, “Dr. Kazlow has skill, understanding and insight that few can ever hope to possess. For a business owner or executive this personal insight into how you really work is invaluable. Dr. Kazlow will show you how to get out of your own way.”

I was doing well before as a business owner, but now I am building generational income, closing 7 figure deals, and earning the stable income that previously I could only dream about.

I recommend Dr, Kazlow highly to any executive that is working hard to achieve a successful and balanced productive business and personal life.

David Bullock, leading world expert in multi-variable and Taguchi advertising testing

As something of a self-help junkie, I’ve tried or am acquainted with most of the best teachers and techniques out there today. And it is without hyperbole that I tell you that there is literally no one and nothing like Dr. Kazlow.

Not only does she deeply understand what it truly takes to succeed in life and in business on every level (emotional, spiritual and financial), she has the unique ability to put that understanding into practical, actionable, achievable recommendations.

Working with her these past few months has had a profound and positive effect on me — in my personal life, in my businesses, and in my writing. If you have a chance to hear what she has to say or — better still — actually work with her, I unhesitatingly recommend you do so. Whatever the cost. For I have no doubt it will be returned to you many, many times over.”

David Deutsch, world-renowned direct response copywriter and author, Think Inside the Box.

People who help you increase your wealth often lack key pieces of the puzzle. Maybe it’s because they’ve skipped over developing a lot of personal skills, and missed out on major aspects of personal growth. What I especially like about Dr. Fern Kazlow is she understands the full picture.

She’s got what it takes to make wealth a whole-life experience for you. After starting work with Dr. Kazlow, I soon had my first $100,000 month. And she has guided my growth in other important ways. I now have greater peace of mind, an improved sense of well-being, and a greater sense of personal power. As odd as this may sound, with her all-around approach she has made wealth a ‘richer’ way of being for me.”

David Garfinkel, former San Francisco Bureau Chief,
McGraw Hill World News
and Founder of the World Copywriting Institute
and the author of Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich

I went from self-sabotage and financial difficulties, to closing high six-figure deals for the first time in many years. Dr. Kazlow’s techniques are enabling me to surpass the million dollar mark. Even more important, the improvements in my career are carrying over into every aspect of my life!”

Cary Krumholz, Wall Street Entrepreneur

My world-renowned business mentor told me to work with Dr. Kazlow because he just couldn’t move forward with me until I got past my “issues.” He never said what those “issues” were nor did I think I had any – except for the fact that I was dead broke!

I’ve been working with Dr. Kazlow for less than 30 days now and I’m beginning to see the challenges that my mentor was referring to. Best of all, those challenges are quickly beginning to disappear thanks to Dr. Kazlow’s work.

What’s the result?

Within the last 30 days I’ve been invited to speak and offer our product to a very exclusive group of clients. This could potentially mean over a million dollars in sales for our firm.

It sounds pretty straight forward until you realize that the original conversation with the promoter was not about that engagement at all. It was about another business proposal that was beginning to look like a no-win for either party.

How did I turn it around?

Dr. Kazlow taught me how to disengage from mentally and emotionally judging a situation which allowed me the clarity of mind and to move to another proposal. The other party loved it and hence our new opportunity for a million dollars in sales!

I also gained clarity about myself, my personal and business relationships, and the strengths and weakness that support my being more powerful in the world.

I know I’m not done yet. But if this happened in 30 days, I can’t wait to see what happens in 60!

Mauricio A. Martiniez, Managing Partner,
Online Small Business Consulting LLC

Dr. Fern Kazlow is a powerhouse of energy who possesses the unique ability to clarify and activate a person's best potentials. I am a magazine art director and website designer, and have worked in highly creative, fast-paced, productive environments for decades. I am a success in this area, but I came to Dr. Kazlow with another need in mind, for I desired to create something bold and truly unique … that no one had created before. I did not know where to start. All I was able to do was to share a rather vague vision with Dr. Kazlow. But she saw straight through my doubts and confusion to the heart of the matter. With the help of her insight and energy, as if by magic, I was able to quickly brush away my perceived limitations as if they had no power over me at all. Amazing!

With my vision and creativity now free … I was on my way: In a short period of time, an explosion of articles, essays, hundreds of pieces of artwork, a deep, multi-layered content-rich website … and now a beautiful, one-of-a-kind book has been created. My new website is getting incredibly diverse, world-wide traffic, and my book is being sold internationally.

No man is an island … and I can clearly trace the start of this life-enhancing, wealth producing process to two years ago … back to the very first meeting with Dr. Kazlow.

Teka Luttrell, The Soul Connection Network,
Author of Stories for Transformation

Dr. Kazlow, I am writing this to tell you about what I experienced after the first day of attending your wealth building seminar. You explained to me that one of my problems is that I am afraid of using all of my power and you advised me to feel myself get big. After leaving the seminar that day I was walking along the busy streets of Times Square and I was frustrated because I could not get through the crowds. I do not like confrontation so usually at times like these I tend to allow myself to get pushed around. This time I decided to give your advice a try. I told myself to get big and I felt myself feel my entire space and the weirdest thing happened. People started to move out of my way and a clear path through the crowd was created for me. People moved out of my way even though their backs were facing me and they did not see me coming. After this happened I immediately thought that either I was imagining things or the path that was created happened coincidentally. So I experimented again on the next block when I ran into another big crowd and I experienced the same thing again. This experience demonstrated to me how I could create a clear path to reach my goals by coming into my power. I thank you for your insights and will continue to use your advice in different areas of my life to reach my goals. Thanks again.

Dawne Willis, Owner, Sorrizon Realty Services LLC

I first met Dr. Kazlow at an expo last spring. I was fortunate enough to have a booth next to her. I had no idea what she was doing, but I certainly noticed the huge crowd that was constantly pouring in, and crowding around her. I took a flyer, and managed to squeeze in a few questions. Dr. Kazlow invited me to a lecture, but I declined — I was too busy trying to sell my products! I was in Multi-Level Marketing hell. The 2 businesses I was in before put me almost $20,000 in debt. High interest rates and bad spending habits as well as starting MLM #4 took that debt to $30,000. I have a great product everybody needs, I work hard, yet I couldn't figure out why I wasn't making the money I knew I should be. My upline was astounded. They could see my potential and skill, but I kept getting off track. My anxiety level was through the roof. I had no time for family or friends. I was spinning my wheels, and getting nowhere.

The following fall, I went to Dr. Kazlow's lecture. The room was packed, and the experience was transformational. I decided to attend her workshop in order to learn how to be in alignment with my goals & desires (which included getting out of debt). The workshop was very powerful, and I now feel like I have the tools I need to succeed. Since I began working with Dr. Kazlow, I am more confident, more clear, and making more money! In just 3 months, I have almost tripled my income, and last month I signed 15 people into the business in just 2 days (4 times more than any month before)! My anxiety is gone — I feel like a different person — better than ever! My upline is amazed. It's like I am finally “hearing” their coaching tips because I am in alignment with it, and that just leads to more success. I am able to be more effectual in less time, which means I have more time and energy for life outside of work!

Thank you Dr. K!!!!

Kathy Connors, L.M.T., New Paltz, NY

I started working with Dr. Fern Kazlow almost 3 months ago. I had heard about how she helped others create radical shifts on issues that block them, to almost immediately open their creative channels and allow focused, more creative and brilliant achievements in their career and large increases in their income.

Working with Dr. K the last few months has allowed me to reverse old "habits" that in some cases I didn't even know were blocks, and allow bigger, more centered and unencumbered pathways to successes in my career and also in my personal life.

I have been working on a massive internet business venture, with a complicated development process; as well as on building a strong Internet presence internationally. Working with Dr. Kazlow, I have seen a major shift in my business. I achieved better quality development results — very quickly. Beforehand, it took me a long time to understand, organize and put together processes and procedures.

I have been very surprised and delighted with the rapid change and shift in the venture and with the, bigger, more prestigious clients that are now interested, including large international companies.

Working with Dr. K has enabled me to shift and move ahead in my career aspirations.

I have to say this is a new way to push ahead to the 'top of your class", and although it sometimes seems magical, I have engaged myself better and worked much more effectively. There is a special extra to this process, which is Dr. Kazlow's ability to engage with interest and compassion.

Thank you Dr. Kazlow.

Sandy Fields, CEO, CHOC.net, Job Matching International

Come and meet this gifted teacher and practitioner. See why Dr. Kazlow was the first Certified Advanced Practitioner and Instructor of all levels of the Yuen Method™. Don’t miss an opportunity to take a class or have a session with Dr. Kazlow.

Dr. Kam Yuen, Chiropractor, 35th generation Shaolin grandmaster, founder Yuen Method™, Los Angeles

Working with Dr. Kazlow has been nothing less than extraordinary. I have experienced a true and deep physical transformation. A kind of transformation I neither thought possible or even anticipated. After a thyroid disease that had robbed me of my health, my figure and my looks, I have gone from a size 14 to a size 4 in less than 4 months with an ease and speed I would never have imagined. I not only lost weight and have kept it off, I have regained my health, my vitality and my confidence. I feel beautiful. Thank you Dr. Kazlow, it has been a remarkable and rewarding journey. I know I have been given back my health, but I fell like I have been given back my life.

Elaine Hausman, Marketing Consultant, Los Angeles

Dr. Kazlow’s workshop was life-changing. It gave me a completely new way to think and live my life everyday. The way I deal with people, even strangers, has totally changed. I feel so much more connected and it was so simple. Working with Dr. Kazlow, I discovered a confidence that enabled me to realize the power I have in my life and the changes I can make.

Wendy Nichols, Designer, New York

Dr. Kazlow presents her vital new approach, Integrative Action™, in a dynamic and understandable manner that can be readily applied by ANY health practitioner or for personal use. Dr. Kazlow teaches you to accelerate and deepen your abilities to resolve your own or client’s/patient’s issues and give them tools to participate in their healing process.

Lisa Klinker, RN, Health Consultant, San Diego

Dr Kazlow worked with me directly at the workshop.  I talked about a health issue that I had sought help for from many other practitioners. Since working with Dr. Kazlow the problem has not reoccurred and even after a particularly stressful event, when I would have in the past definitely have felt the symptoms, they failed to appear at all.  So her process seems to have had immediate, as well as long term positive effects and I recommend it to everyone who needs relief and even those who have sought help from other professionals without satisfactory results.

Paul Morris, Author, Founder of the Self Bonding,
radio host, Blog Talk Radio (Getting On Top)

Dr. K,

The last time someone connected as much, my life changed. He has gone ahead to inspire millions of others and on the 20th I will be in Washington DC to see him sworn into office. The closest to that experience is you. There is a power and a sincerity to your blog. I am a miracle too. 6 years ago, I was hope-to-die Heroin addict in the streets of Nairobi in the last straws of living. I had attempted suicide severally but on each occasion, the attempts become feeble. 5 years later am running for political office, setting up half way houses, doing my thesis in finance etc..

you are blessed..

with love


Boniface Ndirangu, Director of Eden House, Berkeley

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