Dr. Fern Kazlow

Shattering Limitations

Changing What's Possible in the Way We Live, Work, and Age

Dr. Fern Kazlow


Dr. Fern Kazlow has always been about shattering limitations – especially financial ones…

For more than 25 years she’s shown Wall Street Power players, corporate executives, and national and international hard-charging entrepreneurs, how to remove their limitations so they could double, triple, and even quadruple their incomes.

She pioneered mind-body-spirit connection and holistic health in the late 1970's and early 80's when alternative health care was on a par with voodoo. She opened one of the first holistic centers in New York and in 10 months turned a 2 person office into a 12 person enterprise.

Dr. Kazlow has shared her wisdom and know-how with her Rapid Wealth System™, Shattering Financial Limitations™, and Getting What You Want When the World Says No™ programs. And what she’s been doing exclusively in her private practice and group mentoring programs, she’s now making available to a wider audience with her Power Branding Clinic and Power Connecting with Social Media Workshops.

Dubbed the “Queen of 140 Characters” at Twitter’s Brandchat, she’s teaching her global clientele to Maximize and Monetize their business, brand, platforms, and expertise.

Dr. Fern Kazlow is a New York licensed clinical psychotherapist, business and branding consultant, author, and speaker, who pioneered holistic health. She is the CEO and founder of Kazlow International LLC, Integrative Therapy PLLC, and the creator of the Rapid Wealth System™. She has been interviewed and featured in the media including ABC News, The New York Times, New York Magazine, Carol Jenkins Live, The Gary Null Show, Dr. Joyce Brothers special, Natural Health, and Working Mother among others.


Dr. Fern Kazlow

Kazlow International LLC

Suite 1200 19 W. 34th Street

New York, NY 10001

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