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The Recession Storm

5 Defensive Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

I’ve been watching the latest ice and snow storm rip through the center and the eastern half of the country and couldn’t help but find parallels between people trying to drive in the storm and how entrepreneurs are handling the recession.

The weather channel ran a continuous loop of cars and trucks on the road that, without warning, would begin to fish-tail out of control.  The back end of the car going in a direction that was never meant to be.  I could see the drivers with their white-knuckled hands clutched on the steering wheel valiantly trying to bring their car under control to once again get it headed in the right direction without getting hurt in the process.

Some skilled drivers (and some lucky) tacitly and gently controlled the skid, reigned in the car, and proceeded once more.  I could almost hear the pounding of their heart and their heavy breath of relief as the car responded to their will.  The more unfortunate did a grotesque ballet of skidding left and right before pirouetting out of complete control and sliding into another car, a gully or worse.

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