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Anti-Aging vs. Ageless Living

Is the difference semantics or something vastly more important?

Let me make myself very clear on this point:  I don’t like the term anti-aging.  I will use it from time to time because it’s in the vernacular.  I will use it because, as anyone who knows how search engines work, a website gets more hits if it uses highly searched words – and ‘anti-aging’ is a highly searched word.  But I don’t like it. 

Anti-aging is hot button issue.  Along with hundreds of thousands of internet searches a month, people are putting their money where their mouse is. Anti-aging products is currently a $170 billion industry and all projections point to stratospheric sales in the years to come.

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Defining and controlling the way we age

Ageless Living

Which Mouse Would You Rather Be?

This video shows the results of controlled feeding study of two genetically identical mice. Both mice in the video were the equivalent of 96 years old in human years. Both mice were fed a normal diet; however one of the mice was also fed an additional supplimental ingredient. During the study, both mice were treated humanely. Don't worry – both mice were treated humanely and both were allowed to live a full life. The mouse on the right, is still alive and well at the human equivalent of over 150 years.

Ageless Living  – Which mouse would you rather be? 
Contact Dr. K for more information on how to gain access to this suppliment!

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