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By Dr. K. on Tue Apr 7th 2009 at 6:14 pm

Which Social Media site is the best for monetizing?  How many sites are you on?  I’ve been party to a few conversations – better term, squabbles – about this lately.  I’m surprised at how adamant users become in promoting their favorite. The big contenders are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube. Which one is best?  How many do you use? Well, I’ve got the answer.

The answer is none of them, all of them, and some I didn’t even list.  What I see happening is that users gravitate to the site(s) where they feel most comfortable.  And that’s where they ‘work it.’  That’s great if all you want from a site is the social community.

But if you’re looking to maximize and monetize (what I call ‘Remembering Your M&Ms) your business, platform, or expertise, choosing a site based on comfortability or fun may be all wrong.

If you want to use the Social Media for business and promotion, you need to start setting up a Power Grid.  Here’s a few tips on how to decide where you need to be:

  • Know the site. Each site has its own branding, it’s own demographics, it’s own purpose.
  • Know why you want to use Social Media. If you only want to socialize, pick a site, kick back and enjoy. If you want more, be clear about what you want: Promotion? Marketing? Affiliates? Clients? Information? Visibility? Customer relations?
  • According to what you want, find the site that’s going to give you the most bang for the time you spend on it. Learn how to intersect who you are and what you want with what a particular site has to offer. And learn the culture of marketing on the site.
  • Factor in your personality and style. It’s a crucial element for success.
  • Branch out. It’s dangerous to depend on one site. A change in policy or a mistake on your part (even if it’s inadvertent) could close you out of that site forever. Do you really want to have to start over from scratch?

Even though you may have a favorite restaurant, it doesn’t mean that it’s the only one you go to.  You have a need for a more upscale restaurant, a carry out restaurant, fast food, health food, ethnic, late night, early morning – you get the picture.  Each serves a purpose and what kind of place it is dictates how good or bad it is for you, if and with what frequency you go there, and how you dress and act.  The same holds true for Social Media sites.  Have your favorite but take advantage of the variety.

So what sites are you using?  Which ones are helping you the most and why?  I’m interested in hearing your take!

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