Dr. Fern Kazlow

Shattering Limitations

Changing What's Possible in the Way We Live, Work, and Age

Dr. Fern Kazlow

Dr. Fern Kazlow, Ed.D., is a New York licensed clinical psychotherapist, speaker, author, and business and branding consultant.  She pioneered the mind-body-spirit connection in the mid-1970s with the development of Integrative Therapy. In 1981, she founded Integrative Therapy and Integrative Action™, and later opened one of the first holistic centers in New York.  At a time when mind-body health was on par with voodoo, Dr. Kazlow built her organization into a twelve person enterprise in less than a year. That center’s growth was due to her unique approach to health, healing and personal growth that teaches an individual how to create the life he wants, instead of only doing what others – and more importantly – he sees as possible. That approach evolved into the Kazlow Method. 

The Kazlow Method transferred easily into the business and financial arena.  For more than 25 years, Dr. Kazlow has shown entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals, both nationally and internationally, how to shatter their limitations and take the both the minute and massive actions necessary to reach new heights. The Kazlow Method is the basis for her Principles and Tools of Transformation, Rapid Wealth System, Shattering Financial Limitations workshops, and group mentoring programs.

Where once, Dr. Kazlow’s methodology was available to only a select few, she is now offering her visionary programs and teaching to a broader base. She wants to show all entrepreneurs, business people, and anyone who wants to move beyond their limits how to shatter the limitations that define and control they way they live, work, play, and age.  In short, Dr. Kazlow shows you how to create a No-Limit Life.  

Way beyond therapy, business and life coaching, energy work, or re-programming thoughts and beliefs to reach your goals, the Kazlow Method™ teaches you how to get to the root of your issues, align body, mind, and spirit, and to make both small changes and radical shifts that transform the way you experience life each and every day.

Dr. Kazlow’s life and work is about taking what life offers, turning adversity into opportunity, finding a way for it to grow her, and helping others do the same.  Having come through life-threatening illnesses and challenging situations, Dr. Kazlow has learned a lot about healing and taking control of life. She lives her own life accepting what is while refusing to get stuck in pain and limitations. Dr. Kazlow has brought this message to tens of thousands of people using the Kazlow Method™.  That innovative cutting-edge method is one that everyone can use to create their No-Limit Life.


Education and Background:  

After receiving her doctorate from Columbia University's Teachers College, Dr. Kazlow did extensive post-doctoral studies in modern psychoanalysis, traditional hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis, and energetic healing modalities including EMDR and EFT.  She spent years studying intensively with world-renowned healers and leaders in the health field. 

She has been interviewed and featured in the media including ABC News, The New York Times, New York Magazine, Carol Jenkins Live, The Gary Null Show, Dr. Joyce Brothers special, Natural Health, and Working Mother among others.  Along with numerous appearances on radio talk shows, she is a regular guest on the nationally syndicated radio program, Car Concerns with Harry Douglas.    

Since 1981, dozens of Dr. Kazlow's articles have appeared in Wisdom’s Guide, West Side Spirit, and Big Apple Parent's Paper in New York City, Westchester’s Whole Living, and Wisdom’s bicoastal magazines in print and online versions.  Her writings cover a broad scope, including articles on wealth, personal power, women's health, parenting, mind-body-spirit connection, quantum healing, and life issues from relationships to grieving. She contributed a chapter to the New York Bar Association’s, Adoption Law – Practice and Procedure in the 21st Century, which has had multiple printings since its first appearance in 1994.

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